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Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Pricing:

Set Pricing for Custom Meals
3 entrees + 3 sides: $400
4 entrees + 4 sides: $485
5 entrees only: $425
5 entrees + 5 sides: $600
* Each entree and side dish yield 4-6 servings

Side dishes can also include breakfast options, snack, lunch grab & go items, healthy snacks and desserts

Fee includes: initial consultation, customized menu planning, recipe research, food preparation, packaging and label of containers

Cost of groceries
Travel Fee of up to $50 if 20 miles outside of Sterling VA
Individual packaging $15/per item

If these options do not fit your dietary needs, we can create a new plan for you at the rate of $75/hr

** Special pricing for very special restrictive diets***

Personal Chef: Services
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